Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New pages

I've added a few new pages you can all check out, I'll be filling them up with info very shortly! If anyone has any info on MW3 that isn't already on here, let me know and I'll credit you!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Welcome to the new Modern Warfare 3 Blog!

Hello everyone, I'm guessing that just like me, you are looking forward to the next Modern Warfare and I'm going to be using this space to provide you with all the information I know about it, as soon as I get it. Here's a breakdown of what I'll be covering and when:

The Blog:
New theme (I will design some headers and logo's myself)
Custom domain (something like www.mw3-recon.co.uk)
Layout changes and appropriate app's added.
Will possibly have separate pages where a clan can have exclusive space for their videos as well as any YouTube channels they may have.

Weapon Attachments
Game Modes
Multiplayer Maps (Including maps for the new Survival game mode)
Official trailers + gameplay videos (and unofficial if any arise, they will not be mine but if I come across any I will post them for your enjoyment and give credit where it's due)
Rumours and speculation.

Upcoming map packs and other possible DLC.
Glitches and bugs. (Anything from claymore bounces to out of map glitches - This will cover single player as well as any multiplayer modes)
Gameplay montages, videos and clips (Mainly will be videos from YouTube but I will possibly start a weekly top 5 kills of the week, but this will not be an ordinary run of the mill series like the hundreds you see floating around YouTube, these will be funny kills, team kills, and team griefing etc. You have to throw a little variation in there, right?)
Survival mode tactics.
Popular class combinations
Map spawn points, bomb spots, flag spots, camping spots, secret locations, bomb defence points. (Eventually I will have every map covered in full detail, with birds eye illustrations and what not)

Thanks for your time people, especially reading this very boring, first blog post. The best is yet to come so stay tuned, bookmark, follow and I will return the favour in due time!